Creating Custom Message Templates

Edit and save all of your message templates in one convenient location

Our goal is to simplify your business, so you can get more done and feel more confident. We know that it's hard to come up with carefully crafted messages in your busy day-to-day life, especially when you're on the go, which is why we created them for you! However, your customers have chosen YOU because you have something unique to offer them. We want to help you stand out and offer the best customer service by creating your own custom message templates. Let your personality shine, while still saving lots of time on your daily tasks!

You can find custom message templates in two places: by tapping Settings in the top right corner of the app in the To Do screen, or by heading to the main Account tab (gear icon) and scrolling to Message Templates. Once in the Message Template menu, you'll find options to customize with your own words based on the various ways to send messages from the app.

Follow-up Message Templates

All Other Message Templates

How to Edit Message Templates

  1. Tap on the message you'd like to edit, and you'll see the verbiage we've already written saved in the template.
  2. To edit, tap on the message and it will turn blue. Add to our message, or create your own, and add custom tags if applicable.
  3. Don't forget to tap Save when you're done!

You will also be reminded within each To Do how long it's been since you last updated your message template. You can tap there to update in real time as you connect with your customers.

Using Custom Tags

You'll notice that each message template has its own set of custom tags. Custom tags are placeholders in your message for information stored in AMI that is applicable to that particular contact and message you're writing. For example, whenever you add the custom tag {{First name}}, that bracket will be replaced with the customer's first name directly in each individual message you send from your To Do list. If you add the custom tag {{Top products}}, AMI will automatically include the top items your customers have purchased this month.

Custom Message Tips

We know you have built your business based on your unique personality, and we want that to shine in your communications with your customers. We love how creative our sellers are with the messages they send. Here are some suggestions or examples of how you can add your personality or unique parts of your business to your messages:

  • Add information about your VIP group or customer loyalty program as a thank you for their purchase.
  • Change up your messages seasonally or monthly to stay relevant. AMI will remind you how long it's been since you last changed your template in each To Do.
  • Include your Social Shop link (or personal link) to offer inspiration.
  • Ask a fun question to get to know your client better and increase engagement.
  • Create a message about a new product or service in the Message a Contact template and either filter or go through your contacts in alphabetical order to announce.
  • Create a personalized email/message signature in all of your templates.

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