Customizing Message Templates

Update your message templates frequently to make sure they reflect your brand and include the latest information, especially regarding promotions.

Our goal is to simplify your business, so you can get more done and feel more confident. We know that it's hard to come up with carefully crafted messages in your busy day-to-day life, especially when you're on the go, which is why we created them for you! AMI starts you off with default templates that are simple to update to reflect you and your business. 

How to Edit Message Templates from the Account tab 

  1. Navigate to the Account tab from the bottom toolbar 
  2. Tap the Message Templates tile at the top (3rd row, 2nd column)
  3. Select either Follow-up message templates (tied to To Dos) or Cold message templates (not tied to To Dos)
  4. Select the message template you'd like to edit
  5. You'll see the verbiage for the template visible
  6. To edit the verbiage, tap the content.  Be mindful not to remove anything in {{ }} unless you'd prefer to remove tags all together. This helps AMI make sure your messages are customized to the recipient and not get marked as Spam.  
  7. Don't forget to tap Save when you're done!

How to Edit Message Templates from the To Dos tab

  1. Make sure you are on the To Dos tab
  2. Tap the Settings text link from the top navigation bar
  3. Tap Edit templates
  4. Follow steps 4-7 above -- note the templates you can edit from this view only apply to To Do related message templates.

Using Merge Tags

You'll notice that each message template has its own set of merge tags. A tag can be added to a message template by following these steps: 

  1. Put the cursor in your message template for where you'd like the merge tag to appear 
  2. Tap the tag you'd like to add by tapping it 

Note: if you'd like to remove a merge tag from a message template, make sure to all remove all brackets.

Custom Message Tips

We love how creative our sellers are with the messages they send. Here are some suggestions or examples of how you can add your personality or unique parts of your business to your messages:

  • Add information about your VIP group or customer loyalty program as a thank you for their purchase.
  • Change up your messages seasonally or monthly to stay relevant. AMI will remind you how long it's been since you last changed your template in the To Dos. 
  • Ask a fun question to get to know your client better and increase engagement.
  • Include a line about a new product or service