Shopping on Instagram: Tagging Products

Tag products featured on Instagram in your Storefront to make shopping even easier

When you take time to build trust with your customer base and provide them with product recommendations, the last thing you want is for them to get lost on your website, give up, and never purchase. Creating a simple and fun customer care experience is at the top of your priority list as a direct seller. Your customers are able to shop directly from your Instagram photos you choose to feature in your Storefront (formerly Social Shop). Add the link to your store in your IG profile, your email signature, and in messages you send your customers. Instead of scrolling your generic company website, they are able to purchase the products you tag in your personal photos.

What types of IG feed posts can be tagged to your Storefront

Instagram only allows AMI to tag the follow types of feed posts to your AMI Storefront:

  • Posts with a single images
  • Posts with multiple images
  • Videos

Specifically, AMI is unable to tag Reels, Stories, Lives, or IGTV to your Storefront. You can however create a collection of products you feature in video content to help followers easily shop your favorite products. 

Tagging products to your posts

After you’ve linked your Instagram account to your Sell with AMI account, when you post something new on IG, AMI will automatically generate a To Do within five minutes of posting a photo. The To Do will ask if you would like to tag either the opportunity or a product:

  1. Tap YES. Or no if you don’t want this post to be featured in your store (think family photos, food pictures, and other non-business related images). That’s okay too!
  2. You will then be asked if you would like to link the business opportunity, hosting opportunity, or a product.
  3. If you would like to link to a product (or multiple products), start typing in the search field to bring up products.
  4. Select each one individually until you’re done. Currently you cannot link to the business opportunity, hosting opportunity, and a product(s) at the same time.

When you first link your IG account to AMI, you can only go back and tag your five most recent posts. As you continue to post to IG and tag items, your Storefront will become more robust and you’ll provide your customers and prospective customers new ways to use your products.

Only current products available on your public website are available for tagging. If an item has been retired, it is not available to be tagged anymore (because these items aren’t shoppable on your website!). If you've tagged an item incorrectly or would like to remove the post from your Storefront entirely, there is a simple process to complete in your Dashboard.