Sharing the Opportunity to Host or Join via Storefront

Share the opportunity to host a party or join your team via Instagram with your personally-branded Storefront

You have amazing opportunities for your Instagram followers to get involved in your business as a host or team member. Are you sharing these opportunities regularly? If not, challenge yourself to post pictures at your next event, of your most recent host enjoying her free goodies, or of you enjoying an activity or coffee you were able to purchase with your income. Tell your followers to click the link in your profile to learn more about how they can take advantage of this opportunity! Tapping the featured photo in the Storefront will direct your followers to your company’s opportunity page for more information.

How to tag opportunities to Instagram

After you’ve linked your Instagram account to your Sell with AMI account, when you post something new on IG, AMI will automatically generate a To Do within five minutes of posting a photo. The To Do will ask you if you would like to tag the opportunity to join or to host, or tag a product:

  1. Tap YES. Or no if you don’t want this post to be featured in your store (think family photos, food pictures, and other non-business related images). That’s okay too!
  2. You will then be asked if you would like to link your page for the opportunity, hosting, or a product.
  3. Tap OpportunityCurrently, you cannot link to the business opportunity, hosting opportunity, and a product(s) at the same time.

When you first link your IG account to AMI, you can only go back and tag your five most recent posts. As you continue to post to IG and tag items, your Storefront will become more robust and you’ll provide your customers and prospective customers new ways to use your products.