Storefront Overview

Your Storefront is your personally-branded microsite with three tabs to highlight your personal brand and products. First, highlight helpful links like the opportunity to host or join your team in your fully-customizable link list. Second, connect your Instagram account to select photos to tag with products to make your feed shoppable. Lastly, share groups of products to make gift giving and buying easy using custom collections.

The Storefront (formerly Social Shop) is your personal microsite, optimized for mobile and desktop-friendly. There are three main pieces to your Storefront: your fully-customizable link list, your shoppable Feed, and collections. Rather than overwhelming your customers by sending directly to your company's website, provide your customers with a personally-branded shopping experience instead. The Storefront is easily created by you, shares helpful links, is interconnected with Instagram (IG), and offers product suggestions with collections. 

Your store Feed is loaded with your images from IG, giving your customers the opportunity to see your products in action and easily purchase each item featured in your post via product tags. Add the link to your email signature and IG profile to increase the traffic to your shop, or send it out as a digital business card. The Storefront features your IG profile photo, as well as a customizable bio, and list of links you can fully customize to give your customers easy access to specific content.

You can visit the following pages to set up and learn how to use your Storefront.  *Please note that in order to make your IG posts shoppable in Storefront, your IG profile must either be public and/or a business profiles. For Instagram tips and tips, view this training.  

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Over time, your Storefront Feed can mirror your IG feed. Use your unique Storefront url as your link-in-bio on your IG profile and allow your customers to easily shop your IG feed directly from your profile. You’ll also want to start sharing your Storefront link with your customers so they can experience the personalized store you’ve curated.

Pro Tip

Use your own photos on Instagram to feature products and their results, rather than stock images. While these professional photos are nice, they do not represent your personal brand as a business owner and force you to blend in rather than stand out amongst other consultants.