Social Shop Customer Experience

Making your Instagram profile link even more powerful with navigational tools and a contact form

Instagram only gives you one link to share in your profile, so you have to make it count! Because of AMI's Social Shop, you can provide the full customer experience all in one link. We didn’t want you to have to choose between your company’s link or your personally-branded shop, or spend time constantly changing and updating your links when there were new specials going on. We are all about simplifying your business to make success even easier to achieve!

At the top of your Social Shop, “above the fold” as we like to say, you’ll see your photo, bio, and three buttons: Shop, Join, and Reach out. Depending on the company you represent, there may be four buttons, which include Host.


While we love making things easy for your customers by offering them the ability to shop from your Instagram photos, we know sometimes it’s best for them to head directly to your company website. That’s why we created this Shop button front and center in your Social Shop.


Viewers and clients may be looking for the opportunity to host an event of their own for their social circle to earn free and discounted products, but may not have the confidence to reach out to you directly to ask. The Host button takes them directly to your hosting page so they can find out more about your company’s rewards system and how they can host a get together of their own.


We also wanted to make learning more about the opportunity to join your team simple. To encourage your follower’s curiosity, we added the Join button at the top of your Social Shop so they can learn all about your company’s opportunity.

Reach Out

What if your followers are not ready to join, host, or buy right now? If they navigate away from your profile, you may never catch them again. You don’t want to lose this opportunity to provide them with great customer service in the future, so we added a contact form to the Social Shop. You can use this form online (like in the above example) or at events. (No more handwriting errors!) When your follower or customer taps Reach out, it takes them to a contact form. They can fill out as much or as little information as they wish, including contact information, birthday, and what they’re interested in. AMI will generate a To Do for you to follow up with them the next day.