Storefront Customer Experience

Create an easy shopping experience for your customers to reduce decision fatigue and increase sales with relevant suggestions.

Instagram only gives you one link to share in your profile, so you have to make it count! Because of AMI's Storefront (formerly Social Shop), you can provide the full customer experience all in one link. We didn’t want you to have to choose between your company’s link or your personally-branded store, or spend time constantly changing and updating your links when there were new specials going on. We are all about simplifying your business to make success even easier to achieve!

At the top of your Storefront, “above the fold” as we like to say, you’ll see your photo, bio, and three sections: Links, Feed, and Collections (if enabled). 


Sell with AMI kicks your links off with Shop, Host (depending on your company), and Join. Additionally, you can add custom links to allow your customers to learn more about your products or to engage with you. Many offer a link to their VIP groups, link to YouTube tutorials/guides, and more! That’s why we created this Links tab front and center in your Storefront.


We love making things easy for your customers by offering them the ability to shop from your Instagram photos, by linking your public Instagram account to Sell with AMI, your customers can head directly to your company website from any IG photo tagged with products. That’s why we created this Feed tab in your Storefront.


Collections are groupings of your products - curated by you - that you can easily share with others. When selected to highlight on your Storefront, these will appear in the Collections tab. Collections are perfect for sharing in parties, or when highlighting a group of products that naturally go well together. When sharing a product out, we recommend sharing a collection instead, to offer complimentary suggestions and upsell for the customer's benefit.