Storefront Analytics

Understanding your Storefront stats and tracking productivity

The Storefront (formerly Social Shop) is a unique feature of AMI to provide your customers with a personally-branded shopping experience. It’s easy to connect your Instagram account to AMI for an even more personalized shopping experience for your customers. 

As with all things business, it’s important to track the numbers to find areas of strength and improvement. These statistics will reset every month. We recommend setting goals for yourself to increase engagement and get even more out of your AMI experience!

AMI tracks three areas of your Storefront engagement per month: personal site visits, Instagram posts, and Storefront visits. You can find these under the Personal Dashboard by tapping the graph icon on the bottom left.

Personal Site Visits

Here you’ll see the total number of views of your personal company website through an AMI-generated link. This means someone has clicked through to your company site from your Storefront or a shared link you sent. *Note that we cannot see who viewed your website due to privacy agreements.

Instagram Posts

You can see here how many Instagram posts you have connected to your Storefront when you tagged products or a join/host opportunity. AMI tracks how many posts in each category right on the dashboard. You can also tap View All in this section to review your entire feed or sort by shop, host, or join tags. Tap on each individual photo to see views and clicks or remove the post if you added it to your store by mistake.

Storefront Visits

Your Storefront view count is based on the number of people who have clicked your Storefront link from either your Instagram profile or from you sharing your link directly as a digital business card.