Customizing Your Storefront

Make your Storefront unique to you by customizing your link and bio

Your Storefront link will auto-populate with a pre-assigned username created for you when you create your AMI account. Your Storefront link is in the form: (where "username" is personal to you). 

There are a few ways you can brand your Storefront to reflect you and your personal brand:

  1. Update your profile photo 
  2. Create a short bio about you and your business (we recommend less than 100 words)
  3. Customize all the links in your profile, and order them as you'd like to see them appear
  4. Add photos from your IG account to create shoppable posts

Update your profile (username, photo, bio)

  1. Navigate to Account by tapping the gear icon in the lower right corner.
  2. Tap Storefront near the top, right-hand corner
  3. Tap the Edit Storefront button
  4. Navigate to the Profile tab
  5. From here, you can update your profile photo, edit your username, and add/update your bio (Note: if you update your username, be sure to update your Storefront link anywhere you've promoted it)
  6. Tap the Save changes to profile button at the bottom of the Profile tab

Add existing business links to your Storefront

Before adding personalized links to your Storefront, you'll want to make sure you've created these links already. Personal links can be added to message templates or easily copied and shared at any time. Follow these instructions to create a personal link if you haven't already.

Here's how to add a link to your Storefront:

  1.  Repeat steps 1-3 that you used to update your username, photo, or bio
  2. Navigate to the Links tab
  3. Any existing links on your Storefront will be listed here in the order they appear
  4. Tap the Add a link button to add an existing business link
  5. Select an existing business link from the resulting dropdown 
  6. Once you select a link, a textfield labeled Edit Link Name will appear pre-populated with the name of the business link. From here, you can change the name as it appears on Storefront. 
  7. Tap the Add Link button
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 as many times as you'd like to add an existing business link

Reordering business links to your Storefront

Review this article for instructions on how to re-order business links on your Storefront.