Creating a Wishlist

Send your customers a shareable wishlist to create easy shopping opportunities

Your customers will often want more items than they can buy at one time. With AMI, you can help them create a wishlist to reference in the future and share with friends and family. Or, if you want to see increased party sales, have your host tell you what items they would like to earn free/discounted from your catalog. They'll be able to set a goal for sales based on their wishlist items.

To create a wishlist for your customers

  1. Navigate to the contact you're looking to create a wishlist for, then tap Actions in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Tap Create Wishlist.
  3. Search and add products to the wishlist.
  4. Once you're done adding products, scroll to the top and tap Share Wishlist.
  5. At this point, you can copy the link and paste it anywhere you'd like, or you can use our pre-populated verbiage and share via Text message, Facebook Messenger, or Email.
    1. If you choose Text, AMI will auto-populate suggested verbiage. This offers a great starting point, but is easily modified, and we suggest doing so in order to personalize your message.
    2. If you choose Email, AMI will again populate with suggested verbiage; however, you will need to enter a subject line. As with the text message, you are free to modify as you see fit. We also recommend adding a signature.
    3. To send via Facebook Messenger, tap Messenger, and it will open a blank message to your contact. You must hit Paste for the verbiage to populate, and then edit as you see fit.

You can edit the wishlist or access the link at any time by going to their contact profile and tapping Actions in the upper right-hand corner of the contact, then selecting the Edit/Share Wishlist option.

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