Product Share History

How to navigate the Personal Dashboard on your AMI app

After sharing a product link to your customers, whether privately or publicly in your VIP group or Facebook page, you’re going to want to track if and how often the link is viewed. Knowing this information will inform how you follow up with your customers. If, for example, the customer you sent a link to has viewed it 15 times, you can reconnect with them and be confident they’re interested in your product. Please remember that if you share the link publicly, we cannot know who viewed the link due to privacy regulations.

Individual Product Links

When you choose to send product links to a specific person, you can track views under their individual profile. To do this, you can search for their name in the Contacts tab (person icon). Once you’re in their profile, tap on Timeline, and see when and how the product was shared, and if it was viewed and how many times.

Shared Links

To see your complete product share history, including both public and private links, navigate to your Personal Dashboard by tapping on the graph icon along the bottom of the screen anywhere in the AMI app and tap Shares. In chronological order, you can see how many times each link share was viewed. 

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