Sharing Products with Social Shop

Showcase your products in action in your personally-branded shop

We are confident in your ability to showcase your products in a unique and personal way via Instagram! We know you spend time curating your content, taking beautiful pictures, and coming up with creative ways to use and advertise your products. AMI helps you maximize all of this effort with the Social Shop. You can share product links within Social Shop so customers can see the products in action and purchase right from the photo.

Sharing Social Shop links

  1. Navigate to your Social Shop and tap the picture you’d like to share.
  2. If the picture has multiple products tagged, you’ll be redirected to the shop page, where you’ll see each product with a Buy button underneath and the photo from Instagram. Each Buy button will send your customers directly to your company website to purchase.
  3. Copy the link in your browser.
  4. In the Contacts tab, choose the customer you’d like to send the link to, and choose the method in which you’d like to send it. AMI will track the message in their profile timeline.

Only Social Shop photos with multiple products tagged will generate a special link. If there is only one product or an opportunity tagged, tapping the picture will redirect to your company website for purchase or to the business link tagged.

When your customer views this link, you’ll see your Social Shop views increase.