Yearly Goals

Look at the big picture and set long-term goals for your business this year

In sales, we often look at our goals on a month-to-month basis; it makes sense because many compensation plans and incentives are set up that way. However, if you fail to look at the big picture and set more long-term goals, you will likely have trouble setting monthly goals and as a result, see your growth stagnate. 

Planning ahead and creating a bigger vision allows you to focus on each month as a stepping stone to your long-term goals. Setting those monthly goals will be easier when you have your yearly plan in place, and your goals will become more achievable and less overwhelming.

You will set your yearly goals once a year. When you first download Sell with AMI, you’ll be prompted to set your goals for that year and then in January for every year following. 

To set your goals for the year

  1. Tap on the To Do: Set your current year's goals and then Let’s do this! once you’re ready
  2. AMI will then walk you through setting your personal why and vision, your promotion/rank, sales, recruiting, and party goals, as well as if you’ll attend conference and/or an incentive trip!  
  3. Review your goals anytime by navigating to the To Do tab and tapping Settings at the top right corner.
Dream big this year!