Sales Analytics

Tracking your sales goals on a monthly basis

Setting and tracking sales goals is an integral part of your business. We make it easy for you to do this right on your Personal Dashboard, accessed by tapping on the graph icon in the bottom left corner. See how close you are to achieving your goal and how much time you have left to achieve it.


You can view your sales stats in more detail at the top of your dashboard. When you tap Orders, a screen will show your most recent orders first. When you tap on each order, you’ll be able to see the date, order number, total, and products listed. For group orders, you’ll also be able to see which customer ordered which product if you’ve already split it

Sales Goal

You’ll be prompted at the beginning of every month to set a sales goal via To Dos. This is a good time to reflect on your last month and what you have coming up. Did you reach your goal, surpass it, or fall short? What do you have already planned for the month ahead? We encourage you to aim higher than last month, while also taking into consideration the amount of time you will spend on your business. Create a strategy for how you will fill this time, and then make an educated sales prediction. Now, aim just a bit higher to allow room for growth. If you’re consistently reaching your sales goals, it’s time to increase those and reach for more!

We’ve created an easy visual to track your sales progress throughout the month. We also countdown the number of days left in the month to provide you with a guidepost by which to measure your sales. We’ve discovered that sellers who are 90% of the way to their goal by mid-month are most likely to reach or surpass their goal.

New Sales or Personal Retail Volume

This number, updated with nightly sync, will reflect sales from your back office (if you have a partnership) and your manually logged orders within the app. *Please note that sales do not include items that do not generate volume in your company system, such as marketing items. Every company is different, so please consult your agreement.