Productivity Analytics

Tracking your progress

AMI offers an easy view of your monthly productivity on your Personal Dashboard, which you can access by tapping on the graph icon in the lower left hand corner. All metrics displayed are showing the current calendar month only. Make it a habit to note your stats at the end of each month and create a goal to surpass those by the end of the following month. The more To Dos you complete and samples you share, the more your business is growing!

Productivity Stats

Each month we help you keep track of the To Dos you’ve completed, the number of samples you’ve shared, and the number of new contacts you’ve added, either manually or through new customer orders. Challenge yourself to increase these every month and watch your business grow!

To Dos Completed

Track the total number of To Dos that you have completed so far. AMI generates these To Dos following the 2-2-2 format for follow up, reminding you to connect with your customers after they place new orders. Additionally, you’ll also receive To Dos for sample follow up, birthday reminders, recruit and host prospects, and cold market outreach. We know consistency is important, but sometimes difficult to achieve when you’re on the go, so we designed To Dos to help you with this.

Samples Shared

In this section, you’ll see the total number of samples shared with contacts, which allows you to easily track your outreach to potential customers. You can see specifically who was given a sample, sorted by date, under Samples at the top of your Personal Dashboard. You can also view samples in the Timeline of individual contacts' profiles. To Dos will be generated based on your settings for sample follow up.

New Contacts Added

Continue to increase the number of new contacts entered into the app each month by checking the stats regularly. Challenge yourself to reach out to your cold market at parties, vendor events, and bulk orders with new customers. Have them fill out your contact form, and receive immediate reminders to connect with them.

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