Tracking productivity analytics with Personal Dashboard

Tracking your progress

AMI offers an easy view of your monthly productivity on your Personal Dashboard, which you can access by tapping on the graph icon in the lower left hand corner. All metrics displayed are showing the current calendar month only. Make it a habit to note your stats at the end of each month and create a goal to surpass those by the end of the following month. The more To Dos you complete and samples you share, the more your business is growing!


You can see your full order history here, in reverse chronological order. Tap on each order to get more details or split a group order and assign products to multiple people.


In this section, you’ll see the total number of samples shared with contacts, which allows you to easily track your outreach to potential customers. You can see specifically who was given a sample, sorted by date, under Samples at the top of your Personal Dashboard. You can also view samples in the Timeline of individual contacts' profiles. To Dos will be generated based on your settings for sample follow up.


You'll see here how many product links you have shared either with individual customers or publicly like on your Facebook business page. AMI will track how many views each link has, but you will not be able to see who viewed due to privacy regulations.


Set your sales goal monthly, and watch the thermometer rise all month long! Track the percentage visually and use the monthly countdown at the top of the dashboard as a guidepost for your goal.

Productivity Stats

Each month we help you keep track of the To Dos you’ve completed, the number of samples you’ve shared, and the number of new contacts you’ve added, either manually or through new customer orders. Challenge yourself to increase these every month and watch your business grow!

New Sales

Updated daily, your total sales for the month will appear here. Combine this knowledge with the visual tracker and days left to create a gameplan for the rest of your month.

New Contacts

AMI will track how many new contacts you add manually to your app each month. We will not track new customers that are synced from your workstation if you have a partnership, so make it a challenge with yourself to talk to new people about your business and reach out to them from the app.

To Dos Completed

The health of your business is not determined solely by sales! Are you increasing the amount of To Dos you complete each month? If so, that is a good indication that your business is growing. Keep up the good work by setting goals to surpass this number each month.

Messages Sent

AMI will track messages sent via To Dos, directly from a contact's profile, or by sharing product links. Only AMI Pro subscribers are able to send more than 10 messages per month.

Social Shop visits

Make sure to add your Social Shop link to your Instagram profile, email signature, and share it widely with your fans. The more people who click over to your Social Shop the easier it will be for them to shop from your site.

Personal Site visits

AMI will track how many people click over to your personal website from the Social Shop. This is a great indicator of how well your Social Shop and Instagram posts are working to drive traffic to your site and ultimately to purchase.

Social Shop Posts

AMI will update how many posts you are adding to your shop each month in the following three categories. Are you sharing an equal amount of product, opportunity, and hosting posts? If not, challenge yourself to increase one the following month!

  • Products
  • Opportunity
  • Hosting

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