Setting Up Storefront

Your Storefront is your personal microsite - learn how to set up your store, customize your link list, and tag products to make your IG feed shoppable.

The Storefront (formerly Social Shop) provides your customers with a personally-branded shopping experience interconnected with Instagram (IG). Your store is loaded with your images from IG, giving your customers the opportunity to see your products in action and easily purchase each item featured in your post via product tags. Your store also features a fully-customizable link list to highlight important destinations for your users - your personal site, and opportunity pages to host or join your team, for example. Add your unique Storefront link to your email signature and Instagram profile to increase the traffic to your store, or send it out as a digital business card. The Storefront features your IG profile photo, as well as a customizable bio, and a customizable link list where you can highlight all of your content in one place.

Linking Instagram

To begin, be sure your Instagram account is linked with AMI. You can link your IG account as follows:

  1. In AMI, go to the Account tab(gear icon in the bottom right corner).
  2. Tap Social Media Accounts under the Settings header.
  3. Tap Connect Account next to Instagram.
  4. Enter your username and password to give AMI permission to see your IG photos. This does not give us access to change or remove IG content.

*Please note that Storefront works best with public and/or business Instagram profiles.

Update Storefront username, profile photo, and bio

Your Storefront link will auto-populate with your username: However, you can change this at any time.  

  1. Navigate to Account tab by tapping the gear icon in the lower right corner.
  2. Tap Storefront on the top, right-hand corner
  3. From here you can edit your:
    1. Profile photo: Scaled to 600px by 600px -- square photos work best. 
    2. Username: This will be visible to customers, so choose wisely :) 
    3. Bio: Add something short, sweet, and with a little personality. 
  4. Tap Update.

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