Adding Contacts to the AMI App

AMI makes it easy to add new business contacts on the go

There are several ways to add contacts to your AMI contact list, precisely because we know there are many places you store your customers’ contact information. We try to make it as simple and seamless as possible to import your customer data and transition to using AMI daily for your business. On this page we cover both ways you can import customers during the account setup process and highlight where to find additional ways to add more later.

  1. Back office syncing
  2. CSV spreadsheet
  3. Phone contacts
  4. Manual entry

Back office/Workstation

Back office syncing capabilities are only available if your company has a formal partnership with AMI. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help secure a partnership between your company and Sell with AMI, email us at You also must subscribe to our Pro Plan and #hireAMI, your virtual assistant, in order to access this feature.

Your back office customers are synced for the first time when you sign up and set up your account after choosing to sync your back office. Every morning at 2am your local time zone, your back office contacts will continue to be synced with any new customers who are added to your back office as they make purchases for the first time. AMI does not overwrite the original information that was imported, so if for example, a customer changes their address, you will have to update that manually.

If your company has a partnership with AMI and you choose not to #hireami after your 30-day free Pro Plan trial, your customers will no longer be synced automatically from your back office. You can, however, manually add contacts at any time.

CSV Spreadsheet

If you’ve already kept track of your customer data on a spreadsheet, you’re able to easily upload this information into AMI. If your company doesn’t have a partnership, you’re also able to download your customer information from your workstation or back office and upload into AMI. We provide full, step-by-step instructions on how to format and import your customers via CSV.

Phone Contacts

If you are like many direct sellers, your friends and family are your customers (and you keep many of your customers in your phone contacts!). Particularly if you are a first-time social seller, you most likely will launch your business by first reaching out to family and friends. You may find it quicker to import contact information directly from your phone. AMI has the ability to mass import all contacts. You can choose to do this when setting up your account for the first time, or follow the instructions here to add them at any time.


Adding contacts directly into AMI is a frequently used feature. Particularly when you are at vendor events or out and about, it is a great way to quickly capture follow-up information regarding samples and sales -- and go paperless!

Once your new contact is entered you can