Customizing your To Do schedule

How to customize your To Dos to work best for your schedule and business needs

There are several different types of To Dos AMI sends you on a regular basis. We know everyone’s business is unique, so we have given you the flexibility to adjust the frequency and due date timeframe for most of your To Dos. The following To Dos are able to be adjusted under Account >> To Do settings.

The different types of AMI follow ups

You can easily modify the timeframes for your To Dos. The follow-up reminders were modeled after the 2-2-2 system (two days after order, two weeks after order, and two months after order). However, we understand not all sellers want to be restrained to those timeframes. For this reason, we’ve made it easy to modify the To Do reminders.

You can either adjust your To Dos from the Account tab (scroll to To Do settings under the Account header) or by tapping Settings at the top right-hand corner when viewing your To Dos tab.

*Auto-syncing with your back office is only available if your company has a formal partnership with Sell with AMI and you’ve hired AMI by subscribing to the Pro Plan.

*Unless you have hired AMI and subscribed to the Pro Plan, you will be limited to 10 messages per month. 

Initial Check-in

Suggested time schedule: Next day after order

Once an order appears in AMI (manual or automatic), you will receive a reminder to thank your customer for their order. You can change the timeframe for this To Do by tapping Thank you for an order.

Second Check-in

Suggested time schedule: 14 days after order

The next reminder for follow up is typically a short period of time after the customer would have received their order to make sure it arrived safely: typically 2 weeks. You can change the timeframe by tapping on the Check in on an order category.

Third Check-in

Suggested time schedule: 8 weeks after order

The final reminder in the 2-2-2 follow-up system is typically 2 months after an order was placed to see how they like using their new products. You can make adjustments to this timeframe by selecting Re-engage after an order and making adjustments to the timeframe there.

Following Up After Sharing a Sample

Suggested time schedule: 3 days after sharing sample

When you hand out a sample, be sure to log the sample in AMI. You will be reminded to follow up with the customer to ask their experience with the sample, troubleshoot any issues or concerns they may have, and hopefully turn it into a sale! There is only one reminder option to configure within AMI: select when to receive the notification by selecting Check in on a sample and select your timeframe.

Re-engaging with a Past Customer

Suggested volume: Up to 5 per day

AMI will also add reminders to your To Do list to reach out and reconnect with customers who haven't purchased from you in 4 or more months. We recommend simply building that relationship and asking them how they're doing personally. You can take a peek at their social media to be even more specific. *Note that you may not get a follow up every day. You can make adjustments to how many To Dos per day you receive in this category under Settings > To Do settings > Number of past customers to engage per day.

Talking About Your Business

Suggested volume: Three times a week

We encourage you to get outside your comfort zone and widen your network by talking about your business to new people on a regular basis. Under To Do settings, you can adjust how often you challenge yourself to complete this task when tapping on Talk about your business and choose anywhere from daily to once a week. Once you talk with someone, you can record their contact information in the app and AMI will remind you to follow up with them in the future.

Following Up with Prospective Recruits

Suggested time schedule: After 1 week

We know that building a team is an integral part of your success, but it often is one of the more difficult parts of the business to manage. AMI encourages you to reach out to two prospective team members per day, on a rotating weekly basis so no one falls through the cracks again! You can adjust the timeframe of these notifications in the To Do settings tab by tapping on Connect with potential team members.

Team Check-ins: Beginning of the Month

Suggested: On

Encourage your team to set new goals for the month and offer your assistance in setting their month up for success. You can turn off this reminder under To Do settings by tapping on Team check-ins: beginning of the month.

Team Check-ins: Middle of the Month

Suggested: On

Find out what support your team needs to reach their goals this month and keep them motivated for the second half of the month.  You can turn off this reminder under To Do settings by tapping on Team check-ins: middle of the month.

Team Check-ins: End of the Month

Suggested: On

Cheer on your team as they reach for their goals at the end of the month. Offer any last minute ideas or support they may need. You can turn off this reminder under  To Do settings by tapping on Team check-ins: end of the month.

Following Up with Prospective Hosts

Suggested time schedule: After 1 week

One of the best ways to dive into your cold market and gain new customers is by hosting parties or events. Taking advantage of this opportunity requires you to reach out to potential hosts and share the benefits of hosting, such as earning free products or discounts. To adjust how often you’d prefer reaching out to this list, navigate to the To Do settings tab and tap on Check in with hostess prospects

Wishing Your Customers and Team a Happy Birthday

Suggested time schedule: Day of

AMI wants to ensure your customers and team members know you care and remember their birthday. This is also a great time to add value to your relationship and create loyalty by offering a special gift or incentive. To select when you receive a notification to wish them a happy birthday, select Birthday to adjust the Birthday reminder timeframe.

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