Creating Personalized Business Links

How to add your own business links to AMI for easy lookup and copy/pasting

AMI provides brand-specific business links to make it easier to share the shopping, hosting, or business opportunity information with contacts. In addition, AMI also allows you to enter your Facebook Business Page link (if you have one) to appear in your public personally-branded Storefront (formerly Social Shop).

You can also add your own personal links to AMI to store for easy copy/pasting. Maybe you have a personal video that explains what you love about your company or information about your favorite products. Below you can learn more about how to easily add, edit, and share your custom links.

How to add a business link

  1. Navigate to the Account tab (right-most tab, gear icon).
  2. Tap the Business links tile on the top left.
  3. Tap the + sign in the teal circle button.
  4. Enter a short description of the link and paste the link in the second text field.
  5. Tap the Add link button once done.
  6. The new business link will appear at the bottom of the list of business links.

How to edit a business link

  1. Tap on the business link you would like to edit.
  2. Tap the right-most button that appears, with a pencil icon.
  3. The entered description and URL will appear.
  4. Edit the text fields as needed and tap the Update button once done.

How to copy any business link

  1. Navigate to the Account tab (right-most tab, gear icon).
  2. Tap the Business links tile.
  3. Tap on the business link you wish to copy. You will see a button with a clipboard icon that says Copy under it.
  4. Tap the clipboard icon. You will see a notification that the link has been Copied to the Clipboard. Confirm by tapping the OK button.
  5. Paste the copied link to a text, Facebook Message, Facebook post, email -- anywhere!
When using a copied business link, it's important that the link is not edited in the message before it is sent to a contact. If the link is edited, it may not work properly.