Configuring Email

Ensuring your email is set up properly to use with AMI


In order to send an email to one of your follow ups, be sure to select an email app when prompted from a list of apps on your Android phone. If instead you're finding that Messenger always comes up, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings on your Android.
  2. Select Apps from the Settings app.
  3. Find Messenger in your list of apps and tap to select.
  4. Tap the Open by Default row (under Notifications).
  5. Tap the Clear Defaults button.
  6. Once the defaults have been selected, go back to Sell with AMI and select one of your To Dos. When tapping the Email button, be sure to select an Email app (like Gmail) from the list and then select Always. This will ensure your email app will always open when emailing a contact.
  7. Want to use Facebook Messenger to reach your contacts? View this article to see how to enable this from AMI and how to add Facebook handles into a contact's profile.


AMI uses the Apple Mail app on your phone to send email messages to your contacts. If you are finding you're unable to send emails from AMI to your contacts, this is probably because you have not set up the Mail app with at least one email address.

Here are the written instructions for your convenience:
  1. Go to phone Settings. 
  2. Tap Mail.
  3. Tap Accounts & Passwords (above Mail).
  4. Tap Add Account.
  5. Select the email type you're looking to add (follow the resulting steps to connect to your email account).
  6. Make sure the Mail option is enabled so your email is actually linked to the iPhone Mail App.
  7. Tap Save.

Email Signature

We recommend setting up your email signature right away. You can personalize this to fit your style, but be sure to include your name, title, social media handles and/or phone number, and Social Shop link for inspiration!


  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Scroll and tap on Mail.
  3. Scroll and tap on Signature.
  4. Edit your signature!


  1. Open the inbox of the account you are using and tap Menu.
  2. Tap Account Settings.
  3. Tap Signature.
  4. Edit your signature, and don’t forget to tap OK!

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