Back Office Syncing (Partnership Only)

See your customers and their past orders in Sell with AMI app automatically

Back office syncing is only available if your company has a partnership with Sell with AMI. 

Back office syncing allows you to see your customer information and orders within the AMI app. Having up-to-date order and customer data is important if you want to receive automatic follow-up reminders and track your sales consistency. 

Your back office is synced with the app when you first download the app and every day at 2 AM in your time zone to reflect your latest customers and their orders. 

Ready to sync your back office?

  1. Navigate to the Account tab from the bottom toolbar 
  2. Below the tiles, you will find a Settings headline. Look for the name of your company and tap that row
  3. If your back office is not connect, you will see a button to Sync Now. Tap this button. 
  4. Follow the resulting instructions on the screen 
  5. Back office syncing does not happen automatically. Navigate away from the resulting screen and follow steps 1-3 above to check on the status of your sync within 5 minutes. You will see a message if you entered incorrect credentials.

It can take 15-30 minutes before syncing is complete, depending on the number of orders and customers in your back office.

*Note: the amount of historic data AMI imports varies and is dependent upon your company partnership.