Catching Up with Prospective Recruits

Stay connected with your potential new team members

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We know that building a team is an integral part of your success, but it often is one of the more difficult parts of the business to manage. Especially once you have exhausted your warm market, finding potential new recruits and walking them through the pipeline can be difficult and time-consuming. Did you know out of every 10 prospects you have, statistically only one will say “yes"? Depending on your recruiting goals, that’s a big pipeline! AMI is here to help you manage it, so you can watch your growth become consistent and predictable. 

Recruit Prospect Contact Category

We recommend using contact categories to label your contacts as a Recruit Prospect if you think they would be a good fit for your team. Even if you haven’t brought up the conversation yet, we still encourage you to label them so you can create your recruiting pipeline and easily track how quickly your prospects move through it.

Catch Up with Recruit Prospects

Once you’ve added that label to your contacts, AMI will send you reminders to connect with two prospective team members per day, on a rotating weekly basis so no one falls through the cracks again! If weekly is too much for you, you can adjust the timeframe of these notifications in the To Do settings tab. 

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