Reaching Out to a Past Customer

Don’t let your well-earned customers fall through the cracks

*You are limited to 10 messages per month unless you upgrade to AMI Pro.

When you first start building your business, you remember every customer, how you met them, and what they purchased. As your customer base grows outside of your warm market, it becomes difficult to remember everyone’s details and when you last connected with them. We know providing excellent customer service is at the top of your priority list, but it’s difficult to give everyone equal treatment, especially when many customers fall off the radar months after their first purchase.

Reconnecting with past customers on a regular basis ensures that you’re front and center when they’re ready to make another purchase. Without talking about your products or opportunities, you can make sure your customers stay loyal to you, even when they have other options.

How does it work?

AMI will send you a To Do to reach out to customers who haven’t purchased from you in 4 or more months. We recommend asking how they’re doing personally (and even taking a peek at their social media to be even more specific). You can personalize this message in your custom message templates.

By default, AMI will send you up to 5 re-engage To Dos daily for customers who have not ordered in over 3 months. Under To Do settings, you’re able to adjust the maximum past customers you would like to re-engage with per day. We recommend adjusting this based on the size of your customer base and your daily schedule. Once you have connected with a past customer, they will go to the back of the line, unless a purchase is made in the meantime. We also prioritize customers with greater lifetime order value, so you’ll see those frequent buyers more often.

*Please note you may not always receive the maximum amount of re-engage To Dos. This is dependent upon the number of customers in your pipeline who have not ordered in 4+ months. For example, if you have 100 customers in AMI, and all 100 have ordered within the past 4 months, you will not receive any To Do reminders for past customer engagement today.