Checking In with Prospective Hosts

Stay connected with your potential new event hosts

Hosting events is a great way to reach new groups of people to sell your products and find new team members. They’re also super fun! Scheduling events with hosts in advance is key to managing a healthy business. Events with a host turn an otherwise cold market into a warm market because the trust the attendees have in their friend who hosts translates into trust in you as a consultant. Keeping a full calendar can sometimes be a challenge, so we encourage you to use AMI to help you connect with prospective hosts and book those events with ease. Subscribe to our Pro Plan today to take advantage of this awesome feature!

Host Prospect Contact Category

We recommend using contact categories to label your contacts as a Host Prospect if you think would be a great host. Even if you haven’t asked them yet, if they love your product, we still encourage you to label them. When you’re ready to schedule your next month of events, you know who is waiting to be asked.

Check-In with Host Prospect

Once you’ve added that label to your contacts, AMI will send you reminders to connect with two prospective hosts per day, on a rotating weekly basis so no one falls through the cracks again! We also recommend setting up a wishlist for your host as you plan your party and make sales goals. 

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