Connecting with New Contacts

Collecting contact information from new people you meet and use it effectively to increase business productivity

*Note: Anyone added to your contacts manually (i.e. not through a phone contacts list import), is automatically categorized as a Customer Prospect. This helps you quickly find potential customers. You can also use our contact sorting options to sort by most recently-added contacts at the top, to quickly find them after an event, for example. 

Talking About Your Business

We encourage you to get outside your comfort zone and widen your network by talking about your business to new people on a regular basis. Under To Do settings, you can adjust how often you challenge yourself to complete this task when tapping on Talk about your business and choose anywhere from daily to once a week. Once you talk with someone, you will be given the option to record their contact information in the app and AMI will remind you to follow up with them in the future.

Contact Form: Storefront & Events

As you're out there hustling new business, we want to make sure you are able to keep track of your new contacts and remember to follow up with them in a timely manner. AMI features a Contact Form you can use both online and in-person to collect new contact information and create To Do reminders to follow up individually.

This contact form lives on your Storefront (formerly Social Shop) and is different than the "Talk to someone new" To Do reminder and form. A contact who finds you on Instagram and navigates to your Storefront, but is not yet ready to purchase, can tap Reach Out to ask a question or for more information. You can also use this form to enter contact information at home shows and vendor events. No more trying to read handwriting!