Using Storefront to Get Leads

Make the most of Instagram by tagging products and the opportunity to host or join your team in your personally-branded Storefront to expand your leads

Finding your newest customers and your next team member can be challenging enough - after all, you only know so many people! Making new connections while running errands, from within your various social circles, and by receiving referrals are all valuable methods in growing your leads list. Although face-to-face interaction is impactful and often ideal, utilizing social media to expand your sales business is particularly effective.

The Storefront (formerly Social Shop) provides your clients with a personally-branded shopping experience interconnected with Instagram (IG). Your store is loaded with your images from IG, giving your customers the opportunity to see your products in action and easily purchase each item featured in your post via product tags. Add the link to your email signature and IG profile to increase the traffic to your shop, or send it out as a digital business card. The Storefront features your IG profile photo, as well as a customizable bio, and links to your host/join pages and VIP group.

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