Notes to Track Conversations

Keep track of personal details with AMI by recording notes for your contacts

You can easily record and review custom notes for contacts within AMI. There are lots of reasons to keep notes about your customers: you may want to log prizes given or remember specifics about their style or type of product they enjoy most, or you might write their kids’ names, an upcoming event you want to ask about, or any other detail that will help you build a better and more meaningful relationship.

To create a new note for your contact

  1. Navigate Contacts and search for the contact you’d like to apply notes to.
  2. Tap Actions in the upper right hand corner, then select New Note. Or tap Notes (next to Timeline on the main profile) and tap the teal circle with the + symbol.
  3. Once in the Notes screen, type whatever you'd like to recall regarding the contact.
  4. Tap Update to save your notes.
  5. To view previously saved Notes, navigate back to the contact, then tap Notes to view.

To generate To Dos from your notes, check out the step-by-step instructions here

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