Track Team Members

Contact categories were designed to help organize and easily sort all the different types of contacts you manage for your business. Whether customers, host leads, or prospective team members, each type of contact in your business rolodex requires a different level of communication and relationship.

Team-Related Contact Categories

  • Team Member: Anyone in your downline. Team members can be further categorized by Level. A Level I team member will prompt AMI to send team follow-up reminders. 
  • Sponsor: Anyone in your upline.
  • Previous Team Member: Anyone who used to be on your team but has since retired.

How to categorize a contact as a team member 

  1. Navigate to the Contacts tab (second from the left with person icon).
  2. Search or browse for the contact you wish to categorize.
  3. Select the given contact.
  4. Tap the +  button below the contact’s name.
  5. You will be navigated to the Edit Categories screen for the given contact.
  6. Tap Team Member. You will then also see a Downline category appear, where you can assign your team member level. Assigning Level I to a team member means AMI will send you team To Dos regularly
  7. Tap Save at the top, right-hand corner. 

Note: if your contact was formerly a Customer, the Customer category will be removed. This ensures you will no longer receive Customer-related To Dos. 

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