Adding Birthdays

Give your clients and teammates the recognition they deserve

People love to be thought of and appreciate any words of affirmation, especially on their birthday! Wishing a customer or team member “happy birthday” is a great way to make a further connection and continue developing that personal relationship.

How to enter your contact's birthday information into AMI

  1. Go to the Contacts tab in the bottom taskbar.
  2. Search for the contact and tap on their profile.
  3. Go into their profile information by clicking their initials or thumbnail photo and scroll down to Birthday (beneath email; before mailing address).
  4. Enter their birthdate so you never miss one!

Wishing Your Customers and Teammates A Happy Birthday

AMI wants to ensure your contacts know you care and remember their birthday. This is also a great time to add value to your relationship and create loyalty by offering a special gift or incentive. To select when you receive a notification to wish them a happy birthday, select Birthday under To Do settings to adjust the Birthday reminder time frame. 

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