Contact your customers, hosts, and team members directly through AMI

There are various ways you can communicate with your business contacts through AMI. Text, email, and Facebook Messenger are the three primary methods used by sellers to reach out to clients, team members, and prospects. You also can make phone calls!

  1. Navigate to the Contacts tab.
  2. Search for a particular contact and tap the name to enter their profile.
  3. Select Text, Messenger, or Email (if available). *Note: only the methods to reach out from the information saved in their profile will be shown as an option in teal; the others will be grayed out.
  4. Send your message to further build the relationship!

We provide many different follow-up reminders and automated processes to help you manage your business. When you receive a To Do reminder, you’ll send a pre-populated message to your customer that already includes sample verbiage to start. Having the messages saved in the app saves you time when following up with your customers. You can personalize the messages you send with Custom Message Templates. You are limited to 10 messages per month unless you upgrade to AMI Pro.