CSV Uploading

Just getting started with AMI and have your customers stored in spreadsheets? Here's how to organize them in AMI. 

If you don't already have an organized spreadsheet of your contacts, view this Help Portal article first.

Uploading your contacts into AMI 

Now that your CSV is ready, go to my.ami.co and log in using your Sell with AMI username and password.

  1. Click Upload Contacts on the side navigation panel.
  2. On the drop-down menu for "What kind of contacts are you uploading?" you can select from a few options. Selecting all options will automatically assign contact categories to all contacts at once. 
    1. Customers: These contacts will automatically be tagged with the Customer contact category and AMI will begin surfacing customer reach out reminders for them. 
    2. Customer Prospects: These are people you've been talking to who haven't made a purchase yet. They will automatically be tagged with the Customer Prospect contact category and AMI will begin surfacing customer prospect reach out reminders for them. 
    3. Downline / Team Members: If all contacts in your file are Team Members, you can choose to tag all as Team Members (with corresponding Downline Level). This Help Portal article has more info on Team Member uploads.
    4. Uncategorized: This will prevent AMI from assigning any kind of categories to all the contacts you are uploading at the same time. You can then categorize each contact one-by-one in AMI from either the Desktop Portal or from the AMI app. 
  3. Click the Upload a CSV from your computer button
  4. Browse through the files on your computer to pick the CSV file from your computer you'd like to upload. 
  5. Click the Upload contacts button to upload your file.
  6. The screen will change once the file is being uploaded and a new button will appear allowing you to upload another CSV. You can upload CSVs as many times as you want. AMI will always try to smartly merge contacts uploaded multiple times, as long as one piece of information aside from their name is similar to a previous upload.

Feel free to step away from your computer! Or even close the window - don’t worry, your file will continue to upload. We’ll send you an email letting you know when the upload is complete. The email will contain a link to a full report of your upload, including any errors during the upload process. Once you receive a confirmation that the file was uploaded successfully, you can start searching for and connecting with your recently-uploaded contacts. 

Your Upload Report Summary

Once the upload is complete, you will receive an email with a link to view a summary of your most recent file upload. This summary page will also include links to reports on past uploads (where available).

You can also view your latest upload summary by following these steps: 

  1. Log in to the Desktop Portal at my.ami.co
  2. Click Upload history from the left-hand panel
  3. Click the View report link in the table row for your most recent upload (listed at the very top)

Errors will be outlined below the summary, with a general overview of errors with your file. Specific errors will be listed by row, and you can hover over any red text for more guidance on how to fix the error. For more details on common errors and how to fix them, take a look at these common CSV errors.