Follow Ups for Different Contact Types

No relationship is the same - that goes for follow ups, too!

Maintaining client and team relationships is key to a successful social selling business, but not all relationships and their respective check-ins are created equal. Categorizing your contacts allows you to keep them organized within three subsections: customer, host, or team. Contact categorizing becomes beneficial when following up with contacts, as you may want to reach out to a group of customers when a new catalog is released, or to potential recruits to encourage them to sign up. Or you may want to tell all past hosts about new host rewards. By categorizing your contacts in the app, you can do this easily. Learn more about how to accomplish this task here.

AMI automatically categorizes each contact with a purchase recorded as a Customer so you never have to think about that one - even when manually adding a purchase! Contacts manually added or with a sample recorded will also be tagged automatically as a Customer Prospect.

From checking in on a customer about a recent order to offering the business opportunity to someone you think would be a great addition to your team, every follow up has a purpose. Follow ups are specific to the category under which your customers are labeled. For example, you will receive follow ups based on the 2-2-2 follow-up system for customers, reminders to check-in with potential hosts, and prompts to chat with potential recruits.

Learn more about the various types of contact-specific follow ups here