Contact Profile Overview

A contact's profile sets the groundwork for every follow-up feature of AMI

Social sellers who provide exceptional service to their clients also pay attention to detail and strive to connect to their consumers on a personal level. Contact profiles store any details about your contacts pertaining to personal information, order history, samples given, wishlists, notes taken, and more to help you provide only the best customer care. AMI allows you to save unlimited data about each individual involved in your growing organization. Managing business contacts has never been easier!

You can add contacts to AMI in one of two ways: manually or via sync with your back office. You can add contacts through the mobile version of AMI as well as the Web Portal.

Contact Profile information that can be stored in AMI

Activity data to store in AMI 

Adding additional data about interactions with a contact in AMI helps AMI know when to prompt you to follow-up with them. This ensures, for example, that AMI will not prompt you to follow-up with a potential recruit if AMI knows you recently connected with them. 

View a contact's entire timeline with AMI 

When you view a contact in AMI, a visual timeline is provided in chronological order so you can always stay on top of how you are connecting with your contacts and building relationships. Below is a sample of activities visible in the timeline, with the most recent orders at the top. For any reach out from AMI, AMI also tracks how you connected with your contact (text, email, FB Messenger, etc): 

  • Past purchases 
  • Past samples 
  • Messages sent 
  • Follow-ups completed 
  • Notes

Preventing duplicate contacts

Especially if your company has a Partnership with AMI and your backoffice is connecting to AMI, you may have multiple records of the same contact in AMI. AMI works hard to merge these contacts if enough similar data matches. However, if AMI cannot match contacts, you can merge contacts on you own.