Contact Form

Collect contact information from new people you meet and use it effectively to increase business productivity

As you're out there hustling new business, we want to make sure you are able to keep track of your new contacts AND remember to follow up with them in a timely manner. AMI features a new Contact Form that you can use both online and in-person to collect new contact information and create To Do reminders to follow up individually.

This contact form lives on your Storefront (formerly Social Shop), and is different than the "Talk to someone new" To Do reminder and form. A contact who finds you on Instagram and navigates to your Storefront, but is not yet ready to purchase, can tap Reach Out to ask a question or for more information. You can also use this form to enter contact information at home shows and vendor events. No more trying to read handwriting!

Using Your Contact Form at Events

  1. Visit your Storefront link and tap Reach Out.
  2. Hand your phone or tablet to the customer at your event and have them fill out their information, including what they're interested in learning more about and a note to remember them by.
  3. Make sure to tap Let's Connect before adding a new contact.

Pro Tips

  • Are you new to using this contact form? Share your Storefront link on social media and encourage people to tap Reach Out and ask you a question. Then watch your contact list grow! You'll be reminded to follow up with them and answer their questions in your To Do list.
  • Preset your Follow up from contact form message template so that it's relevant to the event you were just attending. This is the message that will auto-populate when you reach out to these new contacts in your To Do list.
  • Be sure to link your Storefront in Instagram and direct followers to click the link in your bio by putting “Link in bio” in your photo captions.