Personal Dashboard

Navigating the Personal Dashboard tab to view your progress and analytics

AMI knows you meet and interact with a lot of people on a regular basis, and it’s difficult to remember the specific details of those interactions. Sometimes, you may want to see additional details including all of your order history, samples, or product shares so that you can do additional outreach beyond the standard 2-2-2 follow ups. You can easily review a contact’s history and reach out anytime.

To see your complete history, navigate to your Personal Dashboard by tapping on the graph icon along the bottom of the screen anywhere in the AMI app.


Tap on Orders to show a complete sales history in reverse chronological order. Orders will only show if they were synced (according to back office restrictions) or manually entered. From this list you can click on any order to see the Order Details page and use the full functionality provided there: editing the order, going to the contact's profile, splitting a bulk order, etc. Please see linked articles for further details.


Tap on Samples to show a complete sample history. These records must be manually entered. From this list you can go to a contact's profile for any sample given and use the full functionality there.

Products Shared

Tap on Shares to show what was shared either via product link or to an individual contact within the app. If you share the link with an individual, you can see if they have viewed the product through their unique link. If you share a product link elsewhere, like for example to your Facebook business page, you can see how many times that link was viewed. *Note: you cannot see who viewed your product link due to privacy restrictions.

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