Personal Dashboard

Navigating the Personal Dashboard tab to view your progress and analytics

The Personal Dashboard helps you track all your activity during the month. As you see your 1:1 messages and To Dos completed count go up, you can measure the impact of what you do on your personal sales. 

Personal Dashboard Overview 

The personal dashboard provides an overview of your: 

  • Orders (both those synced from your back office if that applies and manually-recorded orders)
  • Samples (if you share samples)
  • Parties (if your company has partnered with AMI and has shared this information with AMI)
  • Product shares  
  • Key AMI activity metrics 


Tap on Orders to show a complete sales history in reverse chronological order. Orders will only show if they were synced (according to back office restrictions) or manually entered

From this list you can tap on any order to see the Order Details page and use the full functionality provided there: editing the order, going to the contact's profile, splitting a group order, etc. 


Tap on Samples to show a complete sample history. These samples must be recorded manually. From this list you can go to a contact's profile for any sample given and use the full functionality there.


Available only if your company has a Partnership with AMI. Tap on Parties (or the term used to describe parties at your company to show a complete party history. Tapping a party will show the name of the host, the start date, the name of the party, and all orders attributed to the party. If your party is open, you will also see options to view or copy the link for your party. 

Products Shared

Tap on Shares to show what was shared either via product link or to an individual contact within the app. 

If you share the link with an individual, you can see if they have viewed the product through their unique link. If you share a product link elsewhere, like for example to your Facebook business page, you can see how many times that link was viewed. *Note: you cannot see who viewed your product link due to privacy restrictions.

Key AMI Metrics

These numbers are updated almost instantaneously during a calendar month and reset at the beginning of every month. 

Note: we've received feedback to make the tiles in the personal dashboard tappable and are working on this improvement by early 2020. 

  1. Total sales (listed as personal sales volume if your company has a partnership)
  2. Total new contacts (either manually from the app or uploaded through CSV)
  3. Total To Dos completed 
  4. Total messages sent 
  5. Total Storefront visits (these are visits to the main Storefront page or visits to individual Storefront pages with multiple products tagged)
  6. Personal site visits (these are visits to links from AMI that navigate to products shared from AMI)