Splitting Group Orders

Easily split a big order among several customers to assign separate follow-up reminders

If you are in the practice of placing group or bulk orders to save your customers shipping (or to aesthetically package the orders prior to delivery), you can easily associate parts of an order with many contacts.

  1. Navigate to the Personal Dashboard in the app (graph icon).
  2. Tap on Orders at the top of the screen.
  3. Navigate to the order you would like to assign multiple contacts to.
  4. Tap on the order.
  5. For each item, swipe left and a teal pencil will appear to the right of the item.
  6. Tap the pencil icon to assign each item to a customer.
  7. Start to type in the contact’s name, and a list will populate below.
  8. Tap the contact you'd like to assign to this item.
  9. Continue with each product in the order until each one has been assigned.

Once order splitting is completed, each customer will be listed with their respective purchases. When you look again at Orders after assigning the entire order, it will show up as a Group Order rather than one order under one name. 

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