How to use AMI when your company is no longer an AMI Partner

Since we launched AMI, we've always had incredible active sellers on our platform who have grown their businesses thanks to AMI without an official corporate partnership. Here's how to continue to reap the benefits of AMI! 

Without an official corporate partnership, the following partnership benefits will no longer be available to you: 

  • Automatic back office syncing to sync new orders, customers, team members, and party-related orders (depending on how your company had connected its data to AMI)
  • Latest product catalog updates 
  • Updated business links to enable your customers to easily shop, host, and join

The good news is that all the data that was previously synced to your AMI account will not disappear. 

Even better: you will continue to receive AMI To Dos including reminders to:

To receive To Dos related to recent orders and new customers, here's a few articles to check out:

To access all of the above capabilities and our Pro functionality, don't forget to upgrade my signing up at

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team by emailing: