AMI 101

Welcome to AMI!

Join Janessa, AMI's Head of Community, as she walks you through getting started with AMI for your business. She'll walk through the first three steps to getting started with AMI:

  1. Adding Contacts
    1. Entering info into AMI directly
    2. Sharing your Contact Form with your customers to fill out their information
    3. Uploading a list of contacts using CSV upload on the Desktop Portal
  2. Recording Orders - We recommend you start with current orders, and record each order as you go, rather than trying to enter historical information.
    1. Tip: also add products as you sell them, rather than entering all products at once
  3. Create Collections for sharing with customers and prospective customers. Benefits of Collections include:
    1. Reducing decision fatigue
    2. Showing customers products that work well with one another
    3. Presenting a group of products in parties