Connecting with Potential Hosts

Stay connected with your potential new event hosts

Hosting events is a great way to reach new groups of people to sell your products and find new team members. Keeping a full calendar can sometimes be a challenge, so we encourage you to use AMI to stay connected to help you connect with new prospective hosts and book new events with ease. 

Tracking host prospects with contact categories

With AMI, you can tag a contact with the Host Prospect contact category. This allows you to easily filter for everyone you are currently talking to about a potential future event. 

Here is how to tag a contact as a Host Prospect: 

  1. Open the AMI app 
  2. Tap the Contacts Tab 
  3. Search or browse for the contact you'd like to tag with a host-related category. Once you find them in the list, tap their name to open their profile
  4. Tap the + sign below the contact's name on their Profile page
  5. Tap Host Prospect under the Hosting headline 
  6. Tap Save at the top, right-hand corner

Filter for all your current contacts tagged as a Host Prospect: 

  1. Tap the Contacts Tab
  2. Tap the Filter button below the search field
  3. Tap Categories in the resulting screen
  4. Tap Host Prospect under the Hosting heading 
  5. Tap Apply at the top, right-hand corner 
  6. You will now see everyone tagged as a Host Prospect. You can tap anyone filtered to view their profile, write a note, or message them directly to get an event booked.

Check-In with Host Prospect To Do

Once you’ve added that label to your contacts, AMI will send you reminders to connect with contacts tagged as Host Prospects by default once a week if AMI notices you have not sent them a message in the last week through AMI. 

You can turn these messages off for a specific contact by removing the Host Prospect category. To turn off host prospects reminders completely or to adjust the frequency, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the AMI app 
  2. Tap Settings on the top, right-hand corner of the To Dos tab
  3. Tap the Edit To Do preferences option
  4. Scroll to the bottom, until you see the Focus on Party & Event Sales heading. 
  5. Tap the Check in on a potential host row 
  6. From there, tap any of the options to adjust your To Dos reminders for checking in on host prospects