How to delete a contact

You may want to delete a contact if the individual doesn't purchase from you anymore, because you don't recognize the name anymore, has passed away, or for other reasons.

How to delete a contact from AMI

  1. Open the AMI app
  2. Tap Contacts from the bottom toolbar
  3. Search for or browse for the name of the contact you'd like to delete.
  4. Tap their name when you find them
  5. Tap Actions at the top, right-hand corner
  6. Tap Delete
  7. Confirm in the resulting screen that you'd like to delete the given contact

And that's it!

Things to know

If your company has a partnership with AMI, deleting a contact in AMI does not delete the contact in your back office system. You will also need to delete the contact in your back office as well.

If you delete a contact from AMI, AMI will not re-surface the contact after they have been deleted.