April 29, 2021 - Scheduled Maintenance

AMI will be migrating its databases on Thursday, April 29th to help us continue to scale and provide a seamless experience to all of our users

The following will be unavailable from  11 pm PT Thursday, 4/29 - 4 am PT Friday, 4/30:

  1. AMI app for all users
  2. Generation of To Dos
  3. Nightly backoffice syncing (for Partners)

To Do generation will resume once the scheduled maintenance has been completed. Nightly back office syncs will resume overnight early in the morning Saturday, May 1st. This means that any "thank you" To Dos for orders placed on Thursday, April 29th will not be visible until Saturday, May 1st. AMI users will be able to manually sync their back offices to AMI once the database update has been completed. 

The following will continue to be available during the database upgrade (note -- you may not have access to some of the features below due to the AMI configuration available for the company your represent):

  1. Storefront, Product Collections, and Wishlists -- any weblink hosted by AMI that is available to customers will still be available
  2. Any open invoices
  3. AMI website
  4. AMI Help Portal

Our Customer Support Team at support@ami.co, will still be available to help assist you during this scheduled maintenance. However, they will not be able to give an ETA of when maintenance will be completed.

We appreciate your patience while we work to help continue to make AMI a delightful and seamless experience for everyone!