Your Customizable Link List

Your Storefront features a fully-customizable link list. Connect your customers to every facet of your business with one link.

Your Storefront (formerly Social Shop) features two tabs: one dedicated to your shoppable Instagram posts, and one for your link list. Your link list can be configured in Storefront Settings, and can feature any link listed in the Business links section of settings. Business links can be ones that are pre-defined by your brand, or you can create your own. Learn more about creating personalized business links here.

Setting up your link list

Your Storefront link list will automatically include your primary brand's pre-defined links to shop your personal site, and links for the opportunity to host or join your team, if available. As a Starter user, you can choose to keep your brand's pre-defined links in your Storefront, or you can choose to remove. Upgrade to AMI Pro to edit and customize existing links or to add new links to your Storefront link list.

Adding a new link:

  1. In AMI, go to Account (gear icon in the bottom right corner).
  2. Tap Storefront under the Social Media & Links header.
  3. Scroll down to view your link list
  4. Tap + Add a link to your page
  5. Use this screen to select an available link to add to your Storefront link list and to edit the clickable button text for this link in your link list.
  6. Once you've selected your link and customized your button text, tap Add link 
  7. You will now see your newly configured link at the bottom of your link list

Scroll to the top of the settings page and tap on View Storefront to see your new link in action!

Editing or removing a link:

  1. Tap any existing link from the settings page
  2. You will now have the option to modify the button text, or to select a different link
  3. You can also choose to remove a link from your link list by tapping Remove at the bottom of the screen. Note that once you remove a link, you cannot undo this action. If a link is removed and you want to restore the link to your link list, you must re-configure the link in your list.

Pro Tip

If you've configured several links in your Storefront link list but you want to change their order, simply tap on each button to edit. You can rename each button and reselect the corresponding link based on your new preferred order.