Editing Your Cold Message Template

You may find yourself needing to do proactive reach out to contacts during new catalog or product launches, promotions, and other special events outside of your regular reach outs that AMI's automated To Dos ensure you don't forget. These one-off events are perfect for using a combination of AMI's Advanced Filters and 1:1 contact reach outs. You can do this both in the AMI app and on the Web Portal.

Below, we'll cover how to easily edit your 1:1 message templates from the mobile app. To edit your template from the Web Portal, simply access the cold reachout template directly before sending a message from a contact profile by clicking this link

Editing your cold reach out message template

  1. Find the contact profile you're looking for. You can scroll, search, or use filters to find your contact
  2. Tap the Actions button at the top, right-hand corner 
  3. Tap Edit Message Template
  4. Edit your template from here. You can use any number of the custom tags AMI provides to help you build your generic message template. Remember not to add any personal details in your template because the purpose is to keep it relevant to any contact
  5. Tap Save at the top right-hand corner

And that's it! You can then tap any of the messaging channels on your contact's profile to send the message. At that time, you can edit or add to your pre-defined message template to make sure your reach out is personalized to your contact.