How to upgrade to AMI Pro

Has your trial almost expired? Follow the steps below to continue your AMI experience.

Once your trial has expired, it's easy to continue your AMI Pro experience. We have a number of pricing options available depending on what option best fits you and your business. 

What functionality is only available through AMI Pro?

The following features are only available in AMI Pro:

  1. Ability to send unlimited messages to your contacts 
  2. Invoicing and requesting payments from your customers
  3. Unlimited custom labels

Plans available

Here are the different plans available for subscribing to AMI Pro. All prices are listed in USD, however we support sellers across the world and in different currencies. AMI Pro subscription is a recurring payment and renews automatically. 

  • Yearly ($6.42 per month and $77 upfront)
  • Quarterly ($7.33 per month and $21.99 upfront)
  • Monthly ($7.99 per month). 

How to upgrade

To upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. Open the AMI app 
  2. Tap Account at the bottom, right-hand corner 
  3. Tap Subscription under the Account heading
  4. Tap any of the visible buttons to upgrade 

If you have any questions regarding subscriptions or billing, contact

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