Finding Your Subscription Receipt

As a business owner, finding your AMI Pro subscription receipts is important, particularly during tax season. Depending on whether you use our iOS or Android app, how you find your receipts differs.

Whether you have a monthly, quarterly, or yearly AMI Pro subscription, how to find your subscription is the same. The main difference is whether you have the iOS or Android version of our app, which determines how you pay for your AMI Subscription. 

Finding your Apple Subscription Receipt 

To find your Apple subscription receipts, search for emails containing the following in the email subject: Your receipt from Apple, which may have your Maven Premium or AMI Pro subscription listed (look for Maven Premium in your receipt if you signed up for your subscription before August 2019, prior to Maven being re-branded to AMI.)

You can also find and send all your Apple receipts by following these steps: 

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap your Apple ID (displaying your name and email at the top)
  3. Tap the iTunes & App Store row 
  4. Tap the Apple ID row in blue text at the top
  5. Tap View Apple ID in the resulting pop-up
  6. Scroll until you see the Purchase History row and tap the row 
  7. Tap the date range selector at the top to filter for all purchases by year 
  8. Scroll through your purchase history looking for the Sell with AMI app and tap any of the receipts in the Total Billed row to view the details 
  9. You can either take a screenshot or tap the Resend button to resend your receipt 
  10. Repeat this as many times as you would like 

Finding your AMI Subscription Receipts (non-Apple Subscription Receipts)

If you don't have an Apple device, you have a subscription receipt that is not from iTunes. 

Find the receipts by searching for emails containing the following in the email subject: Your receipt from ‪Maven Technologies with a heading at the top of the email stating Receipt from Maven Technologies.

If you are unable to find your email receipts, email our Support Team at and our team will be sure to help.