Importing Your Business Information into AMI

AMI has Partnerships with a number of companies, which allows us to automatically sync product catalogs or contacts. If your company doesn't have a partnership just yet or you sell products not available from the catalog, it's easy to get these setup. 

Adding Products to AMI

At AMI, we want to ensure any seller can use our follow-up system to easily stay connected to everyone key to their business. This means making sure you have the flexibility to add products on your own. This can be necessary if:

  • Your product catalog is not automatically available in AMI
  • You sell your own products (for example, you create your own bundles) 
  • You sell products no longer visible in the catalog (for sample sales or discontinued products)

There are a few important elements to adding products to AMI, stored in the My Products section in the Products Tab:

  • Name 
  • Price 
  • Description (optional)
  • Picture (optional)
  • Link (optional)

You can learn more about how to add a product to AMI by clicking this link. If you sell products in person and collect payments using Venmo,, or the Cash app, learn more about our social payments functionality as well

Adding Customers to AMI

Your customers may be stored in multiple places -- on your phone, on notebooks, in spreadsheets and Google Forms...making it hard to find them. We've got you covered! 

With AMI, you can add contacts from multiple sources:

Once you've added them, don't forget to organize them by applying contact categories or labels. This will make it easier to filter for them and for AMI to know when to prompt you to connect to all your business connections. It's that easy! 

Automatic Data Syncing for Partnerships

Looking to have your backend data and product information automatically loaded into AMI? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us by emailing We'd love to support you and other sellers!