Signatures are a way to make sure any messages you send look professional, are branded to you, and have all the information about your business needed for your business connections to contact you. 

What should be included in a signature? It depends on whether you are sending a text or an email (for Facebook Messenger, because it's a social messaging platform, signatures are less necessary and can feel too formal.)

Here's how we think about signatures for texting and email below.

Texting Signatures

For texting, we recommend a signature come  at the beginning of your text. What does that mean? Introduce yourself at the beginning of your text message. You can set this up in message template in AMI. An example of a way to introduce yourself in a text is: "Hi <name of person you're messaging>. It's Sally, your Pineapple Consultant." This clearly identifies who you are and provides context for how your contact knows you. 

Email Signatures

Emails are a more formal way of sending a communication. The great thing about emails is that most email apps on your phone allow you to set them up once, so you never have to again. Here is a link to set up a signature for the Mail App (for iPhone) and the Gmail App (for Android). 

  1. Your name, company name, and title at your company. 
  2. You contact information. Ideally your cell phone number and email address. We've found that texting is a great way to connect with your business contacts easily. 
  3. A website link. We recommend your Storefront link which is not only your digital business card but also features your favorite new products, making it easy for customers to purchase them.