Configuring Your Sales Tax

AMI makes it easy to set up a default sales tax rate for you so you don't need to manually calculate it on your own. 

Not sure what tax rate to use? Here's a link to TaxJar's website, where you can easily find your rate. 

How to configure your default sales tax rate

  1. Tap the Account tab in the AMI bottom toolbar 
  2. Tap Sales tax under the Payments blue heading 
  3. Type the percentage rate in the text field provided
  4. Tap the Set default sales tax teal button to save it 

For any invoice created, the sales tax will automatically be calculated for you. You can always edit or adjust the sales tax for invoices by following the steps below 

How to edit your sales tax for an invoice 

The steps below assume you have already recorded the products requested by your customer and you haven't yet sent an invoice or tried to checkout your customer

  1. Tap the teal Edit fees link above the Total line item 
  2. Clear the current tax amount and specify a new amount 
  3. Tap the Update button to save your changes

And that's it!