Collecting Payments: Social Payments

Now that you've setup your account to accept payments through social payment apps like Venmo, PayPal, Cash app or credit card payment with Square, you can now make sure to collect payments for orders in person. This can be used in 1:1 payment collection or at an event.

Before you collect a payment from a customer, make sure you have the customer in the AMI app. You can easily add the customer yourself or hand your phone to your customer and ask them to enter this information. You could also share your AMI Contact Form link at an event to easily add many customers at once without typing information yourself. 

You can record orders and collect payments through the mobile version of AMI as well as on the Web Portal.

How to collect a payment via social payments

  1. Find the Contact tab in AMI by tapping the person icon on the toolbar at the bottom. Search for your customer by their name and tap their name when it appears. 
  2. Tap the big plus button at the bottom, right-hand corner when viewing their profile and tap the Record an order button. Follow all the steps to record the purchase in the app
  3. Once you tap Complete at the top, right-hand corner, you will see a circular button in teal with a label below that says Checkout. Tap this button. 
  4. You will see more circular buttons near the top. For social payments, you can either tap the pink Record payment button if you've already received a payment or the blue Send Invoice button to send a web link to an invoice with options to pay. 
  5. If you've tapped Send Invoice in the step above, you will now see options to send the invoice to your Customer. Tap any of the options. Tapping Text, Facebook Messenger, or Email will result in a pre-filled template. 
  6. Tapping the teal rectangular button below all the messaging options will take you back to your Customer's profile page. 
  7. And that's it! Your customer will receive an invoice which is a mini web link they can view anywhere. It will include the ability to send you a payment through any of your configured social payment apps in 1 tap, since AMI fills out the amount they owe for you.

How to record a payment via social payments

The most difficult thing to remember for social payments is whether your customer has paid you if they did not swipe a credit card in front of you.

To help AMI know who to reach out to as a friendly reminder, AMI has a few ways to make sure you track which customers have paid you: 

Through a To Do Reminder

If you have sent an invoice to a customer and you have not been paid within 24 hours of sending the invoice, AMI will ask you if you've been paid through a To Do that will appear in your Manage social sales workflow in the To Dos tab.

Follow the steps in the To Do to either record a payment or remind your customer to pay for the products they've requested. 

From the Customer Profile 

  1. Visit the contact profile for your Customer who paid for a purchase using social payments 
  2. Find the invoice that was sent. This will appear as an Invoice Sent activity in their timeline. Tap the teal Edit link to the right of the activity
  3. Tap the View invoice button in the resulting link  
  4. Tap the pink Record payment button in the resulting screen 
  5. Select the date that payment was sent using the date selector and the payment method used by selecting one of the options in the list below. 
  6. Selecting a payment will result in a screen confirming payment. Tap any of the communication channels to send a message thanking your customer for their payment. This includes a link to their receipt, with the same red paid stamp you see. 

From your Orders list in your AMI Personal Dashboard 

  1. Visit the Dashboard tab (tap the left-most tab on the bottom) 
  2. Tap the circular Orders button near the top 
  3. You will find two tabs -- All Orders and Orders with invoices. To view all orders with invoices that have been created as a part of a payment, tap Orders with invoices. Any orders that have been marked as paid will have a gray Paid stamp next to it. Those that haven't been paid with have a red Open stamp. Tap an order invoice marked as Open.
  4. Tap the View invoice button from the resulting screen 
  5. Follow steps 4-6 in the steps above for the Customer Profile instructions to record the payment

Congratulations on getting paid!