Configuring AMI to Connect to Payment Apps

Before AMI can help you collect payments for purchases from customers, AMI needs to know which apps you can use to collect payments. AMI has two categories of payments 1) Social payments 2) Point of sale. To configure the apps you use to collect payments, you will want to follow these steps: 
  1. Open the Sell with AMI app 
  2. Tap Configure accounts under the Payments blue headline 

You can then configure your Social payments and Point of Sale apps. 

Social Payments 

Social Payments are when customers purchase from you online or are close friends that you feel comfortable asking for payment through apps like Venmo, PayPal or Square's Cash App. If you have a Square account, you can also accept payment via credit card from your customers by connecting your Square account. Note that you do need to make sure these customers actually complete the payment.

How to configure Social payments

  1. Navigate to the Account tab
  2. Tap Configure accounts under the Payments heading
  3. Tap Social payments
  4. Tap any of our four Social payment services to set up the links. Note that when specifying your links for Venmo, Paypal, and Cash App, you can tap the Verify account button to confirm the link is attached to your account. Don't forget to tap Save once you have confirmed the link
  • For Venmo, you will want to enter your Venmo handle (everything after the '@' symbol). You can look this up in the Venmo app by tapping the three-line button (called 'hamburger menu') on the top, left-hand corner. You will find your handle under your name displayed as @handle. 
  • For PayPal, you will need a link and will need to specify everything after
  • For Cash App, you will need a $Cashtag and will need to specify everything after in AMI
  • To accept credit card payment via Square, you'll need to connect your Square account. When prompted, log in to your Square account and accept the permissions. Once successfully connected, you can disconnect your Square account at any time by tapping Unlink

How to configure Point of sale payments

  1. Navigate to the Account tab
  2. Tap Configure accounts under the Payments heading
  3. Tap Point of sale
  4. Tap either Square or PayPal Here (or both!) if you already have both apps installed on your phone and have already setup accounts. Note: PayPal Here is currently only available for iOS devices. If you would like to use PayPal Here and have an Android device, please let us know by sending us a message at
  5. Tap the payment method(s) you accept, and then be sure to turn on the toggle for each and tap Save at the top, right-hand corner. You will see a green check appear if the apps are set as available. 

Now you can start collecting payments via AMI!