Managing Team Follow-Up

Reach out to your team members when they need you most

Growing and supporting your team of direct sellers is an incredibly important part of your business. Here at Sell with AMI, we know that it can be difficult to manage your personal business while also keeping up with your team members and their various needs. 

Enter team follow-up! We have built-in timely reminders so AMI can help you connect with your downline when they need you most. You won’t have to choose between your sales or your team; you can manage both with AMI’s technology. 

Team Contact Categories

There are several contact categories you can assign to your AMI contacts to track and filter your team members. Some of your team members may never have been a customer, so you will need to add their contact information first before you proceed to categorize them. 

  • Team Member, Level 1
    The people beneath you who you have directly sponsored.
  • Team Member, Level 2
    The people your Level 1’s have sponsored.
  • Team Member, Level 3
    The people your Level 2’s have sponsored.
  • Sponsor
    The person directly above you, who sponsored you.
  • Recruit Prospect
    Anyone who you think would make a great addition to your team.
  • Previous Team Member
    If any of your team members retire, you can still keep track of them by applying this category. If there are any return join specials, you’ll be able to filter and connect with them quickly.

Team Workflow

AMI will sort and filter all your To Dos into categories or folders, that we call workflows. Since we know that team support is essential to your business, this workflow will always sit toward the top of your to do list. 

Within this workflow, you will see any or all of these To Dos open to complete:

  • Monthly Kick-off
    Encourage all levels of your team to set their goals and start the month off on the right foot by reaching out right away. Update your message template to include any new monthly incentives. Available starting 3rd of every month. 
  • Mid-Month Check-in
    How is your team doing reaching toward their goals? Remind each level of your team the goals they set and ask how you can assist in achieving them! Available starting the 14th of every month. 
  • End of Month Push
    There’s just a few days left for all levels of your team to reach their goals! Are they close? Offer your support and any advice to make the most of the last few days. Available starting the 25th of every month. 
  • Recruit Prospect Follow-up
    Whenever you mark someone as a recruit prospect, AMI will remind you to follow-up with them on a regular basis. You can adjust how often you receive these reminders in the following increments: every 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks.
  • Teammate Anniversary
    Celebrate with your team when they hit a new milestone in their business!

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