AMI Referral Program: Earning Rewards

The AMI Referral Program was launched to thank our #poweredbyami Community for helping us spread the word about AMI to their friends. Read on to learn how you can earn free months of AMI Pro in return. 

How to get your referral code

In order to make sure AMI is able to track those who you refer, we have a special download link available to you. When sharing AMI with friends, be sure to follow these steps so you earn your reward. 

  1. Open the "Account" Tab at the bottom, right-hand corner
  2. Tap "Refer a Friend" at the top, in teal text
  3. You can text your referral link, copy your special referral link, or tap "more" to use any other messaging channel to share AMI Pro. When sharing through text or another messaging channel, you can update the template that appears by going to the Account tab > Tap Message templates under the Account heading > Tap Cold message templates > Tap Refer a friend to AMI

Tracking your referrals and upcoming rewards

You can track how many friends have downloaded the 'Sell with AMI' app anytime to see how close you are to earning your next free month(s) of AMI Pro. Follow these steps to track your rewards:

  1. Open the "Settings" Tab at the bottom, right-hand corner
  2. Tap "Referral Rewards" below "Refer a Friend" 

The referrals progress bar shows in white the total number of friends who have downloaded the 'Sell with AMI' app thanks to you spreading the word. The number at the right end of the progress bar always displays the total number of referrals needed to unlock the next reward in the AMI Referrals Program. 

Below we show the number of total referrals earned at every milestone to unlock another free month(s) of AMI Pro. Note that the numbers on the left represent the total number of referrals at any point and the number of months earned on the right show number of additional months of AMI Pro unlocked when you hit that milestone. 

For example, when you have referred a total of 10 friends to AMI, you will have earned a total of 2 months of AMI Pro. 1 month is unlocked when 5 friends download the app through your referral link and another free month is unlocked when you reach 10 total referrals. 

To learn more about how to claim your free month(s), read this article. Have questions about the AMI Referrals Program? Contact our Support Team at